Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review 2024 [Updated]

If you are looking for a handheld device that can result in providing you a capture quality like professional cameras, one of the worth noticing products in this regard is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. As it is a phone, it basically works on a simple mobile wireless network. The phone basically comes with three cameras with different resolutions. The first one is a 52 mm telephoto with the 2 X optical zoom, the second one is 26 mm wide with 100% focus pixels whereas the third one comes with the 13 mm ultra-wide camera with a 120-degree field of view. All three cameras act as a single camera.

It allows you to shoot a 4K video with the fastest rate of 60 frames per second. With the more frames rate, it captures more scenes up to 4 X. Other than these exceptional back cameras, it also lets you edit pictures or videos with their edit tools like crop, rotate, and filters.  So, it enables you to capture excellent shots and enhance their beauty by editing.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Camera Review

In the case of capturing excellent selfies, the phone comes with a 12 MP true depth front camera, so you can get the best outcome of it. In the case of capturing video with it, it offers you 4K videos. The front camera comes with different modes including portrait mode, a slow-motion mode for capturing different kinds of shots. In the case of a back camera, the phone also comes with night mode and portrait mode. The night mode delivers an excellent result in dim light. Click here, If you are interested in reading a detailed buyer guide on Best Cameras For Instagrammers.

For the provision of excellent visuals, the camera comes with the 5.8 inch super retina OLED display, with the softer and smoother touch and excellent screen lightning, the phone is a symbol of advancement. The phone also provides maximum durability with its efficient resistance against water and dust. The phone comes with a long battery life of 11-18 hours and fast charging properties. For fulfilling the security concern; it comes with the face ID lock.

Some of the specifications of the product are as follows:

  • Back Camera: Triple camera with different lens and resolution of 12 MP
  • Front camera: 12 MP camera
  • Display: 5.8-inch touch OLED
  • Battery life: 11-18 hours
  • Video resolution: 4K with the rate of 60 fps

  • Highly durable
  • Elegant design
  • Multiple modes
  • Exceptional capturing quality
  • Triple back camera
  • Excellent battery life
  • Wide super retina OLED display
  • Absence of Headline specs
  • Lacks USB-C


We can end up the discussion by saying that the phone is advanced and versatile in nature. Because of its triple cameras, we can say that fulfilling capturing needs and requirements is one of the main goals of the camera. The modes and front camera quality offered by it result in stunning outcomes. The extraordinary smooth touch screen provides you with the best visuals. So you can completely rely on it in terms of performance and features.